The Oldsmobile Still Packs Power

The Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is a staple of American history, with decades of revolutionary models that we all grew up on. But even though Cutlass Supreme car covers have been around since before we can remember, and it does not mean that the Oldsmobile is old. In fact, car manufacturers have managed to revolutionize the Cutlass Supreme car covers with the new look and feel that will redesign the way you think of the brand. The 2008 the old Mobile Cutlass Supreme car covers feature a 3.6 L V-6 engine that produces 280 pound-feet of torque. The 3500-pound car’s engine which is it is full pull at 6500 rpm. That is no small measure for a car, and especially for Oldsmobile considering they have a reputation of being the most reliable cars around. With that kind of premium power under the hood, it is no wonder that the old Mobile is making a comeback that will not only be impressive but fulfill even the most demanding car enthusiasts.

Luxury Without The Hefty Price Tag

The $36,200 price tag is one of the most exciting things about the new Oldsmobile. Not just because it’s an affordable price, but because you get so much quality for it. Besides the powerful engine under the hood and the spacious design, it also features a plush passport that has all the temperature, radio, CD controllers arranged with a luxurious design. The center console provides for functionality while driving, and the power controls complement the contrasts of the upholstery. From the outside, with or without the car covers, the Oldsmobile commands attention. From the inside, is the smoothest ride with a spacious design that offers comfort and premium style.

The trader Robson Jacob does not go unnoticed when he is behind the wheel of his 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass. The muscle car manufactured by the former General Motors division of America is a true gimmick for fans and onlookers – especially when it runs with the open top. “Everyone praises his beauty. A Porsche would not make the same success. If the goal is to be noticed, the car fulfills the ten-note requirement, “says the owner, who takes the sporting bombing of questions. “I answer with the same patience the clever and the foolish.” So much harassment creates unusual situations in traffic. “At times, those who are interested in matching their cars in such a way that I can not make the conversion I wanted, and I’m forced to change my entire route,” he says. “In Boituva, in the interior of São Paulo, a driver almost hit the highway fence trying to take a photo.” The dealer’s interest in Oldsmobile models came as a child when his father bought a 1964 coupe. But he only found one to call his own in 2014, during a meeting in Curitiba. “It was from a friend of mine. I was able to convince him to sell the Cutlass and buy the Cadillac Limousine I had. ” With the originality virtually intact, except for the tires and the hood, the car runs less than once a month, on Saturdays and on short trips. There are two explanations for this: excessive zeal and lack of jeep wrangler 2 door cover.


Cutlass has a very peculiar dynamic behavior, according to Jacob. “It’s a very good car, with a lot of engine and little tire On the road, the trader makes sure he takes the relic lightly. “My philosophy is to respect the age of the car. It is a model for walking, and I do not pass 100 km / h. He goes quiet on a highway like the White Castello, but not on a mountain range. She sways a lot and goes out front in turns. ” For the future, the prospect is more quiet paths ahead, always aboard the Oldsmobile. The trader does not think to separate himself from his wife for anything-not even for a few hours. “Turn and move, proposals come up to use my car in commercials. But the $ 300 offered does not even pay for the gas that I would spend to travel to the location of the recording. “

Junkyard Find: 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

By Murilee Martin on October 15, 2018

1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in Colorado wrecking yard, RH front view – ©2018 Murilee Martin – The Truth About Cars 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in Colorado wrecking yard, wheel – ©2018 Murilee Martin – The Truth AboutCarsSomeone took the first steps to creating a lowrider out of this Cutlass, installing small-diameter wire wheels and doing some bodywork, but the car never made it to true show-quality level.

1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in Colorado wrecking yard, note – ©2018 Murilee Martin – The Truth AboutCarsStill, someone wanted to buy it. 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in Colorado wrecking yard, 4.3 liter V6 engine – ©2018 Murilee Martin – The Truth About CarsEngine choices for the ’79 Cutlass ranged from adequate to horrifying. This car has the base engine, a 4.3-liter V6 rated at 115 horsepower. 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in Colorado wrecking yard, radio – ©2018 Murilee Martin – The Truth AboutCarsNo cassette or even 8-track player, but at least this car’s original purchaser opted for the AM/FM stereo radio. The pinnacle of the Muscle Cars, made by Oldsmobile, is back here … Just like other legendary American high-performance cars of the 60s, it started as an optional package, mainly because of an internal GM policy, to veto the combination of large engines with medium-sized platforms … Once the veto was eliminated, the harvest of Muscle Cars offered by GM was finally in the hands of the long-awaited buyers of these beasts (already stimulated by the optional packages) … By the end of the 60s, this market was somewhat saturated, which in this case was not an inconvenience at all, but car manufacturers had to work harder to attract the elusive car enthusiasts.

With the emergence of the enchanting Muscle Cars, buyers must have had a difficult time when it came to choosing the best business, keeping in mind that in this decade, a rather limited budget was the norm. However, Oldsmobile, being aware of the “customers in need”, was working hard to introduce something that would make the decision easier (nice, no ???). The Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W-30 Holiday Coupe of 1970 , was not merely a pretty but empty shell, like many of the recently made mimics with a pathetic label of “high performance”, NO! …  It was made to fill all expectations, with a dose of elegance that others simply can not achieve, even if they try hard. While most brands / automakers were stripping their vehicles of any “superfluous amenity”, Oldsmobile put a lot of extras in their 442; in the end, it was practically the best machine for your hard earned money !!! …  First, we have the great body design with a fastback configuration, the side panels are rather clean, but the rear fenders have a nice bump, giving the 442 a more robust appearance. All the chrome trimmings were moved to the front and the tail, where the work is simply top-notch (I think it’s the best in the whole Muscle Car universe, along with the 1968 Pontiac GTO), 18 exterior / 5 interior colors were available and even a rear air baffle was optional.

Everything conspires in order to graft the beast character in this beauty, because the W-30 package had: the w25 option with a fiberglass hood including two large air intakes and a pair of fully functional ornamental mooring pins , a 4-barrel Rochester Quadrajetcarburetor tuned for performance, high performance cams, lightweight aluminum free flow intake manifold, cylinder heads and high performance exhaust manifolds, differential with aluminum components, Anti-Turn shaft, brakes of front discs, interior covers of fenders in plastic and less sound suppressor so, the total weight was notoriously lighter than in the previous models. The heart beating within the Cutlass 442 was an outrageous Olds engine of 455 cubic inches, 7.4 L, V8, rated very conservatively at 370 hp (in your dreams !!! = PPPPP), coupled to either a 4-speed manual transmission managed by Hurst (choice of short or long relationships) or a 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, with Hurst Dual-Input shifter, calibrated for performance …  Old, this car is not for the faint of heart and Olds dared to offer an extensive list of additional amenities for their most hardcorefans !!! …  In one of my rather sporadic diecast searches (my budget barely allows me to buy collectibles from time to time), I found this interpretation Hot Wheels of a big favorite for me.

It belongs to the Hall of Fame series (Subseries Greatest Rides) and so far, I managed to get three articles of this series (two previously published: a Plymouth GTX of 1971 and a Mini Cooper S Custom of 1968 ). The presentation for this adult series is a clamshell and includes a thin, full-color printed card, with a glossy finish on the front face, featuring a photograph of the real car and a grayscale print on an uncoated surface on the face Later, presenting a short review about the model (a collectible in itself). The replica scale has a good level of detail, as you might expect at this price level, but it lacks the correct ratio, since it must be a bit wider and the fenders along with the wheels look gigantic, especially compared to the replica on a scale of M2Machines (which you can check here ) rather more accurate, which I included in the photo session. It has diecast body with chromed plastic chassis, the last one is very simplistic and, believe it or not, the main reason (together with the model itself) that made me choose it, was the type of wheels quite unusual. It deserves a special mention, simply because it is the only model that I have seen with these and they are not even classified among the rest of the types of wheels available for Hot Wheels.